A Clockwork Brony
Quick someone give me a topic for a pony video I can bust out in like 12 hours

Analyzing the progression of one, or more, of the mane six in how their personality is presented in season through season four. How much do they change, how much remains constant? Are the changes natural progression, or sudden and jarring? Are there aspects seemingly shoehorned in that were never previously attributed to that charter’s personality? Etc. Etc.


the internet summed up in one gif set

Chillin’ in Oregon and off to work.

Chillin’ in Oregon and off to work.


As I’m sure many of you have already heard, there is some sad news circulating the internet.

Michael Morones, a young boy of just eleven years, recently attempted to take his own life after being bullied for being a brony. Luckily, he was found and his life was saved, but he has been left with severe brain damage. Now his friends and family are asking for the generosity of the MLP fan community to help cover some of his medical expenses.

There are already multiple campaigns running to collect funds for Michael. You can donate to his GoFundMe campaign at the above link, or alternatively, you can use PayPal to send funds directly using the following email:

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Everfree Northwest go out to Michael and his family. Please consider donating for Michael’s recovery and showing what this community is really all about. Thank you.


BILL WATTERSON ‘A cartoonist’s advice’

Like a knife in the chest.

*GASP* Hai! :3

Le gasp!~ Hello.


Everfree NW announced their dates for 2014 - July 4-6 - and once again it’s the same weekend as Anthrocon. Unsurprisingly, people are grumbling that they have to choose one convention over another, and “how could Everfree make the same mistake to pick the same weekend again?”

While I’m not…


We just created a picture album on the Everfree Northwest Facebook for the this years’ Cosplay Contest, so have some more images from that very album!


Won’t You Draw With Me?

I want to turn this into a collab with fellow friends and artists. I want it to look like everyone drawing on 1 big wall, something like the smaller picture above. Draw the character that best represents you painting on this big wall with me. Only things I ask is keep it PG, and colored in Cell Shadow.

To Vegas or Bust!

All packed and heading to bed soon. I have an early flight to catch, so saying goodnight and goodbye now. To those I might also be heading that way, I will see you there.